1400E Rotary Bag Compactor

The  1400-E is a revolutionary alternative to baling cardboard, plastic and even light wood, polystyrene and metal drinks tins and cans. Up to 600kg bales of cardboard are possible. The big benefit over baling is the ability to continually load the 1400-E in contrast to a baler, where the operator has to wait for the press plate to go down and up before being able to load more material. It saves time, space and money.

The 1400E is an updated electrical version of the PS8100 hydraulic bag compactor. It has a small 1.7m by 1.2m footprint and will give up to 10:1 compaction rate, achieving an 80% plus reduction in collections.

How The 1400E Works:

A new bag is placed in the machine with a pallet on the floor and the doors closed; waste is loaded through the chute door (or via a chute from above for example); the rotary drum breaks up and compacts the waste into the bag; the bag is protected by a metal bag shield; the full bag, typically between 350kg and 500kg in weight; the full bag is pulled out on a pallet truck and the bag sealed. The bag can be fork-lifted into a 35 yard container (typical in factories) or collected where waste vehicles have bag and forklift attachments, or picked up with a bale grab.

It is ideal for sites with:


    • Retailers
    • High volumes of cardboard and plastic but little room for bins
    • Businesses looking to reduce waste management manpower
    • General waste or dry recyclables with some contamination from food waste: the bag contains all the liquid
    • Production lines and factories where waste needs to be compacted at the point it is generated: loading by hand, conveyor or chute is typical
    • Apartment blocks where waste is disposed via chutes: the 1400E can be loaded from a vertical chute
    • As an alternative to a baler, particularly for cardboard, plastics, shrinkwrap, even metal drinks cans

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